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How will you move to your new apartment? Kajla Packers and Movers moving services of an apartment in the Bangalore city or in the region can take literally one day. In the morning you will have breakfast in the old apartment, and in the evening, you can comfortably sit in your favourite armchair in the new house. Everything is in order: cupboards are assembled, furniture and appliances are arranged, things are neatly unpacked and took their places. Call us and we will help you to move with pleasure.


As a rule, moving a small apartment - 1-2 rooms - takes 1 day. This time is enough for the specialists to carry out all the work on the move: packed things and equipment, dismantled furniture, carefully transported things to a new apartment, raised them to the desired floor and put them in their places.

If we are talking about a large apartment - 3 or more rooms - then the move may take 2 days. Usually, in this case, the first day is devoted to the packing and preparation of all the property, and the second day to the transportation itself.

Of course, it all depends on the number of things, the amount of work and the required services. On average, moving a 1-room apartment will take 2-4 people, for a 2-room apartment - 3-6 people, for a 3-room and multi-room apartment - 6-10 people.

If necessary, we will bring packing materials - boxes, film, scotch tape - in advance, a few days before the move, so that you can prepare things for the move yourself. Our manager or an online calculator on the site will help to calculate the required amount of packaging.

Who in our company carries out work on moving Apartments?

  •   Qualified specialists performing all types of work
  •   Attentive to the wishes of clients;
  •   Neat, in clean uniforms;
  •   Physically tough guys;
  •   Punctual employees respecting all agreements.

We guarantee the safety of your property

  •   We conclude an agreement with each client, which stipulates our responsibility for the safety of property;
  •   We pack, transfer and transport property, observing the technology;
  •   During the apartment move, we protect doorways, elevator cabins, columns;
  •   We use high-quality packaging material for packing and protecting property;
  •   We have developed our own Moving Organization Standards.

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Frequently Asked Questions -

Whether it's a local shifting, state shifting or abroad shifting the shifting and moving charges are calculated on the two factors - quantity and distance. The quantity of goods to shift & the distance to destination matters in moving quotations. Movers and Packers in Bangalore follows up but in the case of local shifting the complete household range gets packed and shifted so over and all to save time we assume a no. Of approximate goods and thus.
Picking best and cheap packers and movers in Bangalore is not because of cyber-crimes the no. Of frauds are increasing fastly over the internet. You need a proper knowledge and free time to do research and contact the company for reviewing to check whether it's a real or not. This journey can be little Time consuming - so Movers and Packers in Bangalore recommends you to stay stress free and call us to easily getting up a list of top, best and cheap movers in Bangalore. This platform is a complete trust worthy, reliable and genuine to find top movers together without wasting time. Getting all top movers together makes the task easy of comparing quotes; thus its best and cheap packers and movers in Bangalore.
Choosing won’t be ordinary, you may have to put your time to look whether a moving company is reliable or not. What if packers and movers in Bangalore tell you to pick best from the bunch of best and professionals? The happiest and relief moment ever – YES instead of wasting time in searching for the movers in Bangalorethen doing research over them and still confused to fetch a real one? Go to @packers and movers in Bangalorean only place to find all the reliable, professional and genuine movers at one place; whether you’ve to move in hurry or late plan up your dates with the professional and reliable packers and movers in Bangaloreto get real, genuine and cheap shifting services.
The charges for storage services depend on the number of quantity you want to put and also for how much duration you’ve to put. The storage costs may vary accordingly but a normal rate what packers and movers in Bangalorecharges is – Rs. 100 to 400 for a storage services. For loading and unloading you’re not paying for these charges, the rates are counted for how much the manpower does this takes and how much heavy, bulky and large quantity goods you’ve. For a normal estimate packers and movers in Bangaloreretails.
Packers and movers in Bangalorehas many times shared you the ways, tricks, tips and DIY to wrap around your household goods when shifting. What’s new to know when packing items to protect them from damages? Although from a basic protection layer with bubble wraps or even with crumbled newspaper still your stuffs may get hurt with a high intensity accident. Now what to do? In this packers and movers in Bangaloresuggest you to use your winter blankets, cushions, bed sheets and other winter clothes as a tough cushioning layer. Practically you’ve to wrap them to for shift, then instead of wrapping and storing them in a single box let’s just make it comfortable to the sides of the box to form a cushion layer for delicate goods.
It depends on the size of car that how much does its storage will retail you. Packers and movers in Bangalorehas shared you simple and easy ways to ready your car for shifting, for more things to notice is that – before keeping your car in storage or even before shifting send your car for a tour of servicing. Make it completely repair, clean and serviced before shifting. Because you know during the journey on highway you’ll rarely get any garage or helper to sort out your car problems. So this way prepares your car for shifting and storage.
There are immense no. of benefits and advantages of packers and movers in Bangalorebut what makes it the top moving company, why every client chooses us to shift with, why they trust us? Well these thoughts are normal and genuine to come in minds, packers and movers in Bangaloreare not a magician who shifts your goods with a single blink but we do serve magic’s in smaller way. We wrap your goods safely and fastly. We make them shift on time with a proper arrangement and planning. We always choose a shortest but safe way so that your shipping costs reduces. We make sure that when shifting to different state your all legal documents get checked before approving and while crossing the state borders. There’re many benefits of packers and movers in Bangaloreit depends on what situation you need us and how effectively we solve your issues.
In a single line answer it’s completely NO – packers and movers in Bangaloredo not cost you any hidden, no valid or fraud rates. Everything served by us is genuine and thus proves for what, why and how much we’re charging. This transparent work makes us the top and reliable packers and movers in Bangalore.

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